By Kianga Ford, Mamoru Okuno

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Funded in part by Applied Materials Excellence in the Arts Grants, a program of Silicon Valley Creates.

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Artist Kianga Ford launches the second episode in her multi-part audio series you are here... In this installment, Ford collaborates with Japanese sound artist, Mamoru Okuno, whose quiet, contemplative works incorporate sounds from everyday objects-cum-instruments. As Ford's fictional narrative contemplates the history of agricultural production in the Santa Clara Valley, Okuno plays with the sounds of rice falling in a metal bowl. The audio experience weaves between his sounds, her stories, and the natural ambient sounds of the environment. This site-specific audio experience begins at Montalvo's historic Belvedere with a four-channel musical intervention by Okuno that sets the tone for the sound adventure that will lead visitors up Montalvo's trails, ending at Lookout Point, a promontory located at the apex of the park.  A new seating installation at Lookout Point guides visitors to focus their attention on different vistas as they engage with a series of narratives and scores by Ford and Okuno.  The narratives reflect on Montalvo and the evolution of the valley it overlooks, from bountiful agricultural region (Santa Clara Valley) to the epicenter of high tech (Silicon Valley). If Okuno prompts a deep listening to the natural environment, then Ford elicits a deep looking that brings the historical place, the contemporary place, the real place and the fictional place all into view as visitors gaze at the valley below.

Please download 6 listening tracks of you are mountain. valley. sky to your MP3 prior to your visit (see below). I-pods with audio tracks are also available at Montalvo’s Box Office (Mon-Fri, 2-4 pm) or the Project Space Gallery (Sat-Sun, 11-3 pm). Wear comfy shoes as the project involves some walking on hiking trails.

There are 3 locations and a total of 6 listening tracks.


If you are using an iPod shuffle, please listen for the track numbers to be spoken aloud at the beginning of each track. (Some tracks coming soon)

Track 2 is a multi-channel immersive installation played on speakers from the Belvedere near Parking Lot 3-you will not need your iPod to enjoy this track. From there, the project follows the Belvedere trail toward Lookout Point. Track 3 is designed for the midpoint of the trail and your first view of the valley below (look for the you are here... sign). The stone chairs at the top of the Lookout Point were designed for listening to Tracks 4, 5, and 6. As you face the view, Track 4 is for the chair closest to the peak edge. Track 5 is for the chair closest to you and facing the vineyards. Track 6 can be listened to while reclining in either chair and is a score to observe the sky. Please note, the tracks have been designed for the resting points of your journey. We suggest that you stop and give your heart rate a moment to settle before beginning the tracks.

Please enjoy your walk.

  • Track #1 - Directions
                       | ▶ Hi Fi | ▶ Lo Fi |
  • Track #2 - The Belvedere Suite
                       | ▶ Hi Fi | ▶ Lo Fi |
  • Track #3 - Here and Elsewhere
                       | ▶ Hi Fi | ▶ Lo Fi |
  • Track #4 - Like New Religion (
                       | ▶ Hi Fi | ▶ Lo Fi |
  • Track #5 - Valley of Heart's Delight
                       | ▶ Hi Fi | ▶ Lo Fi |
  • Track #6 - Sky
                       | ▶ Hi Fi | ▶ Lo Fi |

This project was funded by Applied Materials Excellence in the Arts Grants, a program of Arts Council Silicon Valley. CompoClay generously provided the fabrication services for the new seating installation.