By Terry Berlier

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This Side Up, Handle With Care is a half-size wood frame model of the artist’s craftsman-style home. Half of the house is right side up and the other half upside down, creating a twisted vortex in the center that is strung with piano strings installed at sixteen-inch intervals. Drawing on suspension bridge technologies, the strings structurally support to the house, but they can also be plucked or played using the violin bows found nearby.  Place your ears on the wooden frame and listen as amplified sound resonates through the structure as if it were one large soundboard. This Side Up, Handle With Care is also a giant aeolian harp (wind harp) that vibrates and sings as the wind gently passes over its strings

This Side Up, Handle With Care makes literal and metaphorical reference to the nature of cohabiting: the pleasure, tension and magic that resonate inside the walls of domesticity, as well as a home’s capacity to tell and record the intimate stories of our lives.  Nestled in a grove of trees, the house’s scaled down size recalls a child’s playhouse or a fantastical treehouse now residing on the forest floor.

The artist would like to thank the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford University and the James and Doris McNamara Faculty Fund for their generous support.