By Taro Hattori

Location: Linden Grove

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Commissioned by the Lucas Artists Program, Rolling Counterpoint is a new interactive installation that uses the concept of the traditional Japanese tea house as a point of departure to create a platform for exchange and conversation. The work is intended to respond to the increasing polarization and degradation of public discourse, and provide a space in which to share differences of opinion and explore historical and contemporary experiences of social exclusion and displacement. The project will consist of two structures―one at Montalvo Arts Center and an additional mobile unit-premiering in September- that will travel to a series of pre-determined locations all over California, where it will serve as a focal point for discussion around specific issues and concerns.

Participants: Architect: Koji Saida, Saida+Sullivan Design Partners.

Acknowledgments: Shalini Agrawal, Marissa Bergman, Craig and Jim Cilker, Tom Izu,  Marc Mayer, Rosa Novak, Sera, Samina Sundras, Sheridan Tatsuno, and Scott Tsuchitani.

Project Partners & Sponsors:

Pine Cone Lumber A Muslim Voice Asian Art Museum
Art Matters MACLA
Eurphrat Museum of Art HUGVR Japanese American Museum of SJ
Saida Sullivan Design Partners Tenderloin National Forest California History Center Foundation
Theta Kala Art Institute Cal Humanities