By Walter Kitundu

Location: Great Lawn

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Located on Montalvo’s expansive front lawn, Nafasi Yako Ni Ya Kijani (Your Place is Green) consists of a handmade rocking chair installed on a low circular deck. Visitors are invited to take a moment for quiet reflection and listen to the sounds around them. When activated, the chair engages a mechanism in the base that transmits a radio signal to small receivers hidden in trees surrounding the lawn. Brief compositions and field recordings, voices and other sounds emerge from vessels suspended in the trees. The work is intended to be experienced in more than one way and will reveal itself to people strolling around Montalvo’s grounds quite differently than to the person activating the piece from the chair. The work’s title, Nafasi Yako Ni Ya Kijani, comes from an Iranian saying meaning “there is grass growing where you should have been” and is in part envisioned as an homage and tribute to Pauline Oliveros.