By Stephen De Staebler

Made possible through support from

The Jo and Barry Ariko Fund
for Artistic Programs

Location: Oval Garden

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Courtesy of Dolby Chadwick Gallery and the Estate of Stephen De Staebler. 

With Deep Striding Woman, acclaimed American sculptor Stephen De Staebler conveys the uniquely human juxtaposition of fragility and strength. His figure’s confident stride suggests our unassailable will to persevere, while the fragmented and incomplete upper torso—which seems to be in the process of decomposition—underlines the ultimate futility of our efforts and the inevitability of our decline and death.

Deep Striding Woman, like many of acclaimed American sculptor Stephen De Staebler’s fragmented figures, pays homage to the headless and armless bronze The Walking Man (1900-1907) by Auguste Rodin, an artist who famously pioneered the creation of sculptural fragments as autonomous works of art.