20: Sakurako & William Fisher Studio + 21: Paula Andre Studio

  • Paula Andre Studio dedicated by the Warmenhoven Family 

Daniel Solomon, of Solomon, Inc., San Francisco, collaborated with composer and jazz musician, Patrick Gleeson, and visual artist/architect Nellie Solomon. Gleeson introduced electronic instruments into jazz and was master synthesist and arranger for the score to Coppola’s Apocalypse Now. Nellie Solomon’s design experience includes such projects as the Bronx Zoo, Planet Hollywood in Frankfurt and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Daniel Solomon’s awards include an AIA Religious Art and Architecture Award for the Beth Israel Memorial Garden in Houston, Texas, which incorporates sustainable building technology, day lighting and passive cooling.

Solomon’s two composer/musician studios are self-contained units, which isolate sound from the environment. The studios are nestled into the hillside, which act as a natural sound barrier. Portable screens will be placed between the composing and sleeping areas. One side of the screen is sound-reflective while the other is sound-absorptive. In this way, the composer can make adjustments in the reverberation of the room; in essence, tuning the composing room to her/his specific needs.