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Exhibitions at Montalvo Arts Center are organized through the Lucas Artists Program (LAP) and frequently feature the work of artists in residence. Consistent with the LAP’s commitment to supporting artistic experimentation and the creation of new and adventurous work, exhibitions often showcase new commissions.

The LAP is dedicated to the idea that arts and culture should be at the center of creative and innovative thinking about the pressing concerns, questions, and controversies of our times. As such, it seeks to organize its artist selections and exhibition programming in association with a globally relevant annual or multi-year theme. This curatorial model allows for a set of ideas to be explored over time as each successive show and related event offer new perspectives and insights. Montalvo’s annual exhibition program includes new works produced by artists while in residence.

Seeking to engage Montalvo’s diverse and multi-generational audiences in the creative process, many of the exhibited works involve audience participation in their production and presentation. This can take the form of workshops, hands-on activities, and interactive works. Works on view often develop out of creative cross-disciplinary partnerships and reflect the LAP’s commitment to fostering collaboration and dialogue among its Fellows.

Art on the Grounds is open to the public during Montalvo's normal park hours, Monday - Thursday, 8am - 5pm and Friday - Sunday, 9am - 5pm.