SOCIAL: Rethinking Loneliness Together

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We are social beings.

Being social is a universal human need and close interpersonal relationships are the biggest predictor of our health and happiness. Today, we are more connected than at any other time in human history through social media, text messaging, e-mail and more. And yet we feel more isolated and alone than ever before.

Loneliness has emerged as a major global public health crisis. In 2017 the US Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, called loneliness the “most common pathology” he encountered in all his years of medical practice. In 2018 the UK appointed a minister for loneliness to address social and health issues caused by social isolation. In Japan, robots designed to provide companionship are now emerging to combat rising loneliness in a country where 40% of its citizens will live alone by 2040.

Montalvo’s new 2019-2020 programming initiative SOCIAL invites you to join us in a shared conversation as we explore loneliness, together. Through workshops, walks, screenings, exhibitions, and new artist commissions on Montalvo’s grounds and beyond, we will investigate questions around digital connections and the value of social media: Why do we feel so alone though we are more connected than ever? How can we nourish social engagement? Where do we find shared social spaces? How can we build a future based on true connections and meaningful communities?

Let’s slow down and listen.

Let’s take time to pay attention to the things that matter most.