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Across various practices, musical styles, and cultural traditions, come learn different techniques of dance in the intimate setting of the historic Villa and the grounds of Montalvo. These classes are perfect for anyone at any skill level, whether as an entry point or as continuation. Classes are designed for options to sign up as an individual, a couple, or a group. 


Based on the centuries-old Sufi practice known as whirling and as an ancient art observed by Tibetans and Persians, spinning yourself about an axis can unite one’s mind, heart, and body. Open to everyone, Farima’s teachings are inspired by historic Iranic customs as well as the science and geometry of whirling. You’ll learn essential techniques of whirling preparation, maintaining balance and posture, controlling dizziness, self-focus during turning, breath work, and more. Join us to discover the power of whirling for healing, wellness, mindfulness, self-fulfillment, and spiritual transformation through moving meditation.

Note: These workshops can be taken independently or as a series. The second and third classes provide slightly more advanced aspects of whirling, but prior workshops are not required and beginners can be accommodated.