100 Trees for 100 Years

A Camperdown Elm tree
Photo by Garry R Osgood

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Support our initiative to re-establish our Arboretum by donating to the 100 Trees for 100 Years fund!

Montalvo turns 100 years old this year and to help celebrate, we want to plant at least 100 new trees on the grounds. Senator James Phelan, the original owner of Villa Montalvo, was a connoisseur and patron of the arts and an avid collector of trees for his beloved Montalvo. The verdant estate is still home to lovely specimens of trees planted during Senator Phelan’s time. These trees of the world include the exotic Bunya Bunya tree (Araucaria bidwillii) from Australia and the lovely Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) from the mountains of the Balkans in Southeast Europe.

We now seek to add new and fabulous specimens from around the globe to our collection, such as the Lenga tree (Nothofagus pumilio) from the Chilean Andes, the Sichuan Pepper tree (Zanthoxylum piperitum) from the Szechuan Province of China, and California’s own, Gowen Cypress (Cupressus goveniana), an endangered species. Your tax-deductable donation will be used directly for the purchase, planting and maintenance of trees to enhance our lovely grounds. This enhancement will provide many educational opportunities to the public, provide wonderful habitat for wildlife, and make Montalvo’s gardens and grounds even more beautiful and remarkable. 

Thank you for supporting Montalvo in this endeavor. Your gift will continue giving for generations to come!

    This donation will allow a fine young tree to be selected and planted that will grow and mature to be a fine specimen for decades to come.
    A lovely, good-sized younger tree will be planted with this gift that will continue giving for many years.
    Your gift will be used to obtain and plant a special tree variety that will quickly mature into a beautiful specimen. A donor plaque will be included with the tree.
  • SEQUOIA DONOR: $1000
    Choose from a select list of large specimen trees that will make an immediate impact on the grounds at Montalvo. A donor plaque will accompany the tree.
    Participate in the selection process of a specimen tree or grove of trees. A premium donor plaque will be installed next to the tree or trees.

To contribute to 100 Trees for 100 Years, contact Taylor Welty in the Development Department at 408-961-5809.