Lucas Artists Fellow

Trena Noval’s interdisciplinary work crosses community engagement and design, social practice, science, digital media, cultural writing and food adventures. At the heart of her work is the investigation of cultural and natural ecosystems, She considers herself a science geek, inspired by her biologist farther and as a result, curiosity and inquiry have played a critical role in shaping how she explores the world as an artist. Noval is interested in observations and experiences of everyday life, meandering explorations on the land and research as an art platform. Over the last decade, collaboration has become an important part of her work process. Currently she has been exploring the role of collective thinking and actions in a variety of contexts with others, forming communities of mutual practice.

Her collaborative work has been exhibited widely, including the Oakland Museum of California’s 2011 exhibition Love and Loss: Dias de los Muertos and as artist designer for Envisioning Oakland’s Future, a hands-on community studio and animation station for the new science wing opened in 2013. She is the lead artist for Citizen Science and Art, with scientist Gretchen LeBuhn, to explore community based environmental stewardship through the study of native pollinators creating design build projects and backyard science experiences. She is founding artist of the 3rd Space Lab Collective, a cultural exchange group of artists from the Bay Area and Bangalore, India, who recently completed a residency at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Bangalore, India.

At Montalvo she and fellow artist Ann Wettrich are developing Pop Up Academies, launching the work of Fieldworks Collaborative. They will create a series of integrative social experiences that explore new pedagogical strategies and platforms.  

Noval currently teaches at the California College of the Arts.