Teaching Artist

Michele Guieu is a Bay Area environmental artist, maker, and art educator. Her practice focuses on the importance of water, and the consequences of human activity on our watershed and the ocean. 

Michele is an installation artist, whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including MAC Paris, California Center for the Arts, Oceanside Museum of Art, San Diego City College Gallery, Currents New Media, ZER01 Biennial, and Rosalux Gallery. She has had solo exhibitions at the Musée des Merveilles, Art Produce Gallery, San Diego Art Institute, and Tech Shop San Jose. 

She presented “Species Encounter”, a large-scale shadow theatre installation with public participation, at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, SubZERO Festival, San Jose Convention Center, and Tech Museum. She has also created participatory installations at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art, de Saisset Museum, San Diego College Art Gallery, and the San Diego Museum of Art. Michele has a permanent installation at the Bio Tinkering Lab at the Tech Museum in San Jose. 

She also created “The Water Project: From our Watershed to the Ocean”, an integrated art and science curriculum for grades K-9 which centers on the Bay Area watershed and ecosystems, and the need for people to care for the regions they live in. The curriculum employs diverse media, including shadow puppetry, collective installations, video narration, poster making, drawing, painting, and collage. 

Michele earned her MA in Visual Communication at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD), and worked for many years an an artist, artistic director, creative director (at Landor Paris), and independent graphic designer.