Lucas Artists Fellow

  • RESIDENCY DATES : May 19th 2016 to Jun 13th 2016 | May 7th 2018 to May 23rd 2018 | Sep 17th 2018 to Oct 20th 2018
  • PRACTICE : Composer/musician
  • FROM : USA

Petty is a musician, composer, teacher, and multimedia artist. He is a graduate of Northwestern State University, where he studied music education and trombone performance. He is also an alumnus of Robert Wilson's Watermill Center Summer Program, where he worked with various artists from around the world working in avant-garde theater, music, and art. Petty is an avid performer and advocate for new music. His main center of research is in extended performance techniques found in contemporary trombone repertoire, and electro-acoustic music for trombone and chamber ensemble. Most recently, he is traveling across the country working with and documenting visionary American artists for the grassroots documentary series Sacred as Folk, which he produced last year with the help of his band, Kisatchie Sound. His large-scale multimedia collaboration with composer and colleague Eve Beglarian, entitled Junk Into Joy, about Houston's visionary artist Cleveland Turner (aka The Flower Man), premiered in 2016.