Lucas Artists Fellow


  • RESIDENCY DATES : May 3rd 2017 to May 31st 2017 | to
  • PRACTICE : Composer/musician
  • FROM : Germany

A composer and performer, Waller was born in Mexico City and raised steeped in a blend of cultures from his Dutch father and Mexican mother. The settings of his works vary from symphonic orchestra to chamber music and electronics, and he often works with multimedia (including film, photography, and live electronics). His compositions in recent years focus on sonorities akin to electronic sounds created by acoustic means. The works explore new materials such as ceramics, plastics, and recyclable materials and involve special playing techniques that bring out associative timbres. Waller’s music will often superimpose divergent elements, enabling a contextual musical reality to emerge, reflecting a surrealistic environment. Some of his compositions include Teguala, a percussion quartet for 120 ceramic tiles and electronics; Chemicangelo for organ solo; Calumnia for large orchestra (which won first prize at NOG Jonge Componisten); FulminataPlato Plastic Dialgoues; and Disborder Control Desborde. His pieces have been widely performed in Europe, Mexico, Taiwan, Australia and the United States, by renowned orchestras, ensembles, and performers. Some of his works are published by Donemus.