Guest Artist

  • RESIDENCY DATES : Jan 6th 2020 to Jan 12th 2020
  • PRACTICE : Visual Arts
  • FROM : Italy

Defined by some critics as an artist outside the canon, and most of all outside the language and formula of contemporary art, since his debut in 1996 with Fatica no.1, a site-specific audiovisual installation, he has been working to unhinge the idea of space that is still perceived and revolves around Euclidean parameters.

With an emphasis on video installation, he has manifested a new attitude towards this medium, emphasizing and radically subverting the use of sound and visual-architectonic reconfigurations that always reinvents itself. A totally new, alien perspective. 

Puppi conceives of his work as authentic “works in regress”, which come into being after a long period of gestation spent inside the spaces. The artist experiences the environment and establishes an almost carnal relationship with it, assessing its limits and its potential.

The technologies used – video projectors, synchronizers, amplifiers, sub woofers, speakers and microphones – serve to activate and amplify our powers of perception, especially our visual and auditory ones.  An integral part of the work, the viewer is called upon to enter a new and de-familiarized spatial and sensory dimension.

His most important solo exhibitions include: Respira (Galleria Borghese, Rome 2017); Gotham Prize (Italian Cultural Institute, New York, 2015); 432 Hertz (Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, 2013); Happy Moms (MAXXI, Rome, 2013); Blast (MAGAZZINO, Rome, 2013); Fatica n. 23 (Galleria Nazionale, Rome, 2010); Fatica n. 16 (HangarBicocca, Milan, 2008).

The most important group exhibitions in which he has participated include: Cyfest (New Media Center, New York, 2018), The Raft - Art Is (Not) Lonely (Mu.Zee, Ostend, Belgium, 2018), 17 New Artists Integration (Jan Fabre Troubleyn/ Laboratorium, Antwerp, 2015); El Topo (Nuit Blanche, Paris, 2013); Digitalife – Human connections (Ex-Gil/ MACRO Museum, Rome, 2012); Spheres 4 (Galeria Continua/ La Moulin, France, 2011/12); Taking Time (M.A.R.C.O. Museum, Vigo, Spain, 2007); Tupper Und Video (Marta Herford Museum, Germany, 2006).