Lucas Artists Fellow

  • RESIDENCY DATES : Jun 23rd 2007 to Jul 1st 2007 | Aug 12th 2007 to Dec 8th 2007 | Aug 15th 2008 to Aug 24th 2008
  • PRACTICE : teaching artist, singer, actress, musician
  • FROM : USA

Carol Ponder, a professional singer, actress, and musician of almost 40 years, has 20 years of experience in education through the arts. As a Teaching Artist and consultant, Ponder has taught in classrooms in the North and Southeast and California, and makes a point of doing residency work to make sure that her theory is always grounded in reality.  Working with the Lincoln Center Institute, the Kennedy Center, the Empire State Partnerships program, VSA arts (International and Tennessee), the North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, among many other organizations, she has provided professional development for teachers, administrators, and Teaching Artists. Carol’s expertise extends to assessment and evaluation as well as arts integration and teaching performance skills.

Carol Ponder is Montalvo's first Teaching Artist Fellow, Fall 2007.