Lucas Artists Fellow

  • RESIDENCY DATES : Feb 1st 2008 to Feb 8th 2008
  • PRACTICE : Film
  • FROM : USA

Distributed Memory

Indie band Califone (Joe Adamik, Jim Becker, and Tim Rutilii, with Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty) perform the soundtrack for the premiere of filmmaker, visual artist, and musician Brent Green's Paulina Hollers (work-in-progress, 15 min.). This is an animated story, written by Green, of a grieving mother created with stop-motion rabbit bones, hand-carved wooden angels, and a hand-drawn hell.

Brent, is best known for his darkly humorous, stop-motion, animated films that touch on themes of love, death, salvation, and the underworld. A self taught artist from Pennsylvania, Green writes, directs, builds, and narrates his short film animations, combining handcrafted figures with drawings and found props to create haunting, atmospheric backdrops for his alluringly twisted stories.