Lucas Artists Fellow

  • RESIDENCY DATES : Oct 27th 2015 to Nov 17th 2015 | Dec 30th 2015 to Jan 20th 2016
  • FROM : Mexico

Andrea Cabrera López studied Italian Literature at 
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras UNAM. As performing artist, she has 
studied with teachers such as Eugenia Vargas, Sandra
Milena, Virginia Amarilla, Hana Ruzanzka and the dance company Les
Soeurs Schmutt, among others. In 2013 she participated as performer of
 Mastication, a work from Myriam Gourfink, presented in the exhibition 
entitled Mandala Mental at MUAC in México City. Andrea has created and
 carried out works of performance art like “Ahí donde hay voluntad hay
camino” (Mexico 2012) and “Vortex” (Xalapa, 2014). She is interested in
 diverse platforms of performance and site-specific arts and
 choreographic investigation, as well intermedia studies.