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Added THU, SEP 5TH 2013

Calling all farmers, gourmet artisans, and food lovers:
be part of My American Pantry

My American Pantry

On Sunday, September 29, at 1:30pm, Culinary Fellow Andrea Blum invites you to participate in her photography project My American Pantry, with an aerial photo shoot on the Great Lawn followed by a community picnic. The resulting photo will be included in an interactive digital atlas representing American food and entrepreneurship.

My American Pantry celebrates the unique heritage of the American table. Traveling around the country, Blum has been documenting the wide array of artisans, products, and food traditions native to different geographic areas. Participants and the tools of their trade are arranged for a photo from above using a remote-controlled camera. The goal is to create an online and offline map of people, products, and stories allowing viewers and even shoppers to interact with the images.

For the Montalvo shoot, all participants are asked to bring a blanket, a homemade food item to share, and the recipe for their dish. Professional food artisans will also be asked to bring products and tools of the trade for their craft. If you are interested in this remarkable project, click here to read more and RSVP! Space is limited.

September 5, 2013



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Experience Montalvo
in a new way with
Mapping Biointimacy

Mapping Biointimacy

The next time you visit Montalvo, you might spot some interesting signage that you haven't seen before, like the one at right.

These signs are part of the new installation Mapping Biointimacy, a work created by artist collective Owen Driggs which debuted last week at our Final Fridays art party. The piece works as a self-guided tour of the grounds, giving visitors deep information about the historical, medicinal, culinary, and cultural significance of various plants and animal species seen in the area.

The information is delivered via an Android phone app engineered by Johnny Chen and Art Okada (which can be downloaded here) or via QR codes which you can scan with any mobile device with an internet connection. To view the route of the self-guided tour, see the map here and follow the green path.

Through this work, Owen Driggs are seeking to provide experiences that shed light on the intimate relationship between the health of our environment and individual wellbeing. We hope you find it a fun and fascinating new way to experience the beauty of Montalvo!


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