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Added THU, JAN 16TH 2014

Coming this spring
L O V E:
Creativity, Connection, Community

Our first new exhibition in the Project Space Gallery for 2014 will be L O V E. On view from February 28 through June 8, it will feature works that 
explore the bonds of friendship; the important role of empathy in our lives; the intersection of desire and technology; and the complex relationships between love, belonging, identity, and community. 

Featured artists include Elisheva Biernoff, Double Zero, Alexandra Grant, Jon Meyer, Omar Mismar, Fiamma Montezemolo, Stephanie Taylor, and Allison Wiese


Sat, Feb 8, 1-4pm • Suggested donation: $10

Create your own Valentines with artists Elisheva Biernoff and Leah Rosenberg. Learn to make cards with a variety of techniques, including drawing, paper cutting, collage, and pop-up.


Fri, May 16, 8pm • $47/$42 | Members: $42/$38

An evening of poetry and music translations of Sufi Poet Rumi by Coleman Barks in the intimate Carriage House Theatre.


Sat, May 17, 8pm • $90 | Members: $80

Join us for a delicious dinner prepared by chef Andrea Blum.

Suggested donation: $10
You're invited to an art party! Connect with artists and join in the creative process as you enjoy music, food, and art: 

Opening Reception • February 28, 6–9pm

Be among the first to enjoy the new exhibition with a performance by composer and musician Jen Shyu

Love and Voice • March 28, 6-8pm
Join performance artist Dohee Lee for a participatory singing event; and poet Stephanie Young for a series of readings that respond to the role of love in our lives.
Connecting in the 21st Century • April 25, 6-8pm 

This salon-style conversation brings together speakers from a diverse range of disciplines to discuss the challenges and opportunities for interconnectedness today.

Closing Reception
 • May 30, 6–9pm

We bid goodbye to L O V E with an event featuring visual artist and musician Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs & others. 

January 16, 2014


  • L O V E opens February 28
  • Blog brings you inside the Lucas Artists Residency Program
  • A look back at 2013
  • Play Time on the grounds
  • What arts programs are coming up next?


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Rebooting the Blog:
Keep tabs on what's up in the residency 
Lucas Artists Residency Program

Our blog for the Lucas Artists Residency Program is getting an overhaul with a new look! 

With the design update, we are excited to launch a series of videos documenting Tiffany Singh's 2013 work, The Bells of Mindfulness.

Created by the San Jose State University Film Production Society, these videos will give insight into the piece by showing the process of creation all the way to execution - along with Tiffany's thoughts.

Click below to visit the blog and see the video, then check back each week for new installments of the documentary. While you're there, scroll down to see another video about Tiffany produced by Content magazine as well as the first of three installments of an in-depth interview with the artist.

Be sure to check back on the blog periodically for updates about LAP fellows, projects, and programming.




 2013: A look back

2013 was a monumental year for the Lucas Artists Residency Program. Using the theme of Flourish: Artists Explore Wellbeing, our arts programming focused on the various ways we cultivate health and happiness in our lives. Flourish continues in 2014, so you won't want to miss a moment! Here's a look back at some of the highlights from our past year:

Happiness Is Happiness Is...
Our first exhibition of the year featured thought-provoking works designed to encourage visitors to consider the nature of happiness. On view were Christine Wong Yap's Irrational Exuberance Flags, Susan O'Malley's A Healing Walk (which can still be enjoyed on our hiking trails), and Leah Rosenberg's Illuminated Stripe Works.

Rashomon Come Healing
Our 2013 Art on the Grounds exhibition featured some of the works from Happiness Is..., as well as Chuck Ginniver's Rashomon—a sprawling 15-piece sculpture of the same shape placed in different positions across the Great Lawn—Tiffany Singh's The Bells of Mindfulness (see the article below), and Owen Driggs' Mapping Biointimacy, an interactive look at the natural world around Montalvo's grounds.

Tiffany Singh's Bells of Mindfulness
Drawing on the Buddhist tradition of using temple bells in sacred ceremonies, artist Tiffany Singh suspended 1000 handmade and fairly traded metal bells and 1000 paper cranes attached to brightly colored twine from a persimmon tree in Montalvo’s Italianate Garden as part of her Bells of Mindfulness project. We will be releasing a 7-part video series about the bells on the LAP blog in the coming weeks, starting with the first installment, posted today.

You can follow the journey of the bells at and

My American Pantry My American Pantry
Culinary Fellow Andrea Blum's photography project My American Pantry brings together local chefs and food artisans in various regions across the country for a series of high-resolution images that will evenutally function as an interactive map. Her photo on our Great Lawn made for a fun afternoon with a custom-built octocopter snapping pictures and a delicious picnic afterwards. Click here to read more and see a video created by Stark Insider about the event.

Everything that happens
A thought-provoking evening, Everyting that happens was a multimedia choral performance, orchestrated by artist Nene Humphrey as part of her project Circling the Center, an ongoing series of live multimedia works that explore the science of emotions. Humprey co-created this iteration with Roberto C. Lange, and it was performed by the Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley under the artistic direction of Elena Sharkova.

Mountains in My SpoonMountains in My Spoon
Our third Flourish exhibition—which ends February 9 and has a Closing Reception on January 31—has used Montalvo's long relationship with culinary artists to explore food and how it impacts our lives. Organized in association with Around the Table: food, creativity, community, a South Bay festival of food and the arts, the exhibition has featured art, programs, and workshops created by current and former Culinary Fellows.

Brilliant SoilDignicraft and Brilliant Soil
As part of Mountains in My Spoon, artist collective Dignicraft presented a number of beautiful pieces of ceramic tableware, which had been handcrafted by artisans using traditional Mexican pottery techniques. In conjunction with a screening of the group's award-winning documentary Brilliant Soil, artisan Herlinda Morales taught a workshop. You can view photographs from these events by clicking here.


Looking ahead:
Summer is Play Time

Play Time. Photo: Bahara Emami

Our 2014 Art on the Grounds exhibition (which will include works on view July through October) continues the theme of Flourish by giving us all a little bit of play time.

Through a series of sculptural objects, participatory engagements, and performances, this outdoor exhibition will explore the idea of play and the important role it has in creativity, growth, and health.

Participating artists will make use of Montalvo’s gorgeous 175-acre park to create works of art that encourage amusement, engage viewers in games and the natural environment, and explore how play can foster a greater sense of wellbeing for children and adults.




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