Montalvo Minutes

If you had one minute to share your passion and creativity with the world, what would you do?

At Montalvo, we believe everyone is an artist. Whether your art form is classical, like painting or dance, or more unconventional, like yoga or juggling, everyone has a creative contribution to make—and we want to see yours! 

Your Montalvo Minute can be any creative expression that moves you: do a demonstration, performance, or recitation; show-and-tell; teach a skill; or more. You don’t have to be a professional, and you don’t have to be perfect! Come to Montalvo and spend a minute as an artist-in-residence.

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How to make and submit your Montalvo Minute:

  • Choose your backdrop: Anywhere that’s publicly accessible at Montalvo will do!
  • Set up: Position your camera/phone to record yourself, or have a friend that can do it for you.
  • Film: Videos must be original material only or in the public domain, and may be up to 3 minutes long.
  • Submit: Upload your video through the form below. 
  • Share! In addition to submitting your video on our site, you can share it on any social channels: use #MontalvoMinute and tag us @montalvoarts.
  • The Fine Print: Montalvo Minutes must be filmed on the grounds of Montalvo to count, and all submissions must be original material or in the public domain. Videos should not exceed three (3) minutes in length.