In Kind Gifts

Montalvo Arts Center

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There are many ways to give to Montalvo, including in-kind gifts. These can be as valuable to us as cash, and they are also fully tax-deductible.

Below is our current wish list, separated by our various programs.

Sally and Don Lucas Artist Residency Program 

  • Working vehicles that can used by the artists
  • Air mileage to be used for artist travel to and from Saratoga
  • Silverware set for 30 to be used exclusively for Director’s Dinners and other special events
  • Set of dishes for 30 to be used exclusively for Director’s Dinners and other special events
  • Set of 25 mugs to be used in artist studios for coffee, tea, etc.
  • Set of 50 drinking glasses to be used in artist studios
  • Cars- new or used for the artists to use as transportation
  • Slip covers for couches in Studios
  • 11 work lamps for artist studios
  • Large, sturdy work tables for artist studios
  • 3 sets of long Ikea curtains for upper studios’ large windows
  • New table saw and/or motor for sculpture studio
  • 1 love seat for studio 51
  • 11 shower curtains
  • 1 set of curtain rods and curtains for studio 40

 Facilities and Operations

  • 4 Golf carts 
  • Mini tractor or bobcat
  • Self-propelled DR mower
  • New phone system for the entire organization
  • Long range 2-way radios
  • iPads and/or iPods
  • 3 laser printers
  • 6 flat screen computer monitors
  • 10 laptop computers to be used throughout the organization
  • 24 unisex black blazers for use by volunteers at Carriage House
  • 60 waist/half aprons with pockets for use by volunteers at outdoor events
  • Power backup generator for the whole Villa
  • Leaf blower
  • Power tool set
  • 100ft plumbing clean out snake
  • Chainsaw
  • Small Honda power generator

Carriage House Theatre and Box Office

  • iPad w/2D barcode scanner & credit card swipers for remote ticket sales
  • New sound board
  • New headsets/in ear mics
  • New lighting board
  • New stage curtain for the Carriage House stage
  • Projector and screen for the Carriage House that can be controlled from front of house and that can be remotely lowered
  • Safe

Facility Rentals and Special Events

  • Dance floor for Villa – folds and is stored when not in use
  • Additional white folding chairs for rentals

Education Department

  • Visual Display Boards for hanging student artwork
  • Printing press
  • Screens for printing with squeegees
  • Quality photo printer
  • Cameras – still and video
  • Extruder
  • Soldering torches
  • Jewelers kiln
  • Rotor tools (dremels)
  • Chop saw
  • Drill Press/Drill
  • Wire cutters and pliers
  • Sheet metal cutter/bender
  • Anvils
  • Pruning shears
  • Spades, hoes and gloves for gardening
  • Looms