The Mending Project

Thursday, September 19, 2019 - Sunday, December 8, 2019

VENUE: Cottages


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The Mending Project is an interactive installation featuring several simple elements—thread, color, and sewing—as a point of departure to create meaningful connections between strangers. Originally conceived as an installation that would bring people together in conversation, The Mending Project was produced by internationally acclaimed visual artist Lee Mingwei and premiered in 2009 at Lombard-Freid Projects in New York. The work has since been shown in museums nationally and internationally and continues to be a catalyst for connection.

You are encouraged to bring a garment or textile in need of repair to Montalvo. At a table, a volunteer “mender” will invite you to sit and talk while she creatively mends your item. Garments may remain in the installation space as part of the art work until the closing reception, when visitors will be able to retrieve them.

Lee Mingwei creates participatory installations that are open-ended experiences designed to foster everyday interaction and bring people together to explore issues of trust, intimacy, and self-awareness. Through one-on-one encounters, the artist invites visitors to contemplate topical issues with others as they eat, sleep, walk and converse. Each project is shaped by the involvement of the participants, allowing for evolution of the work over time. 

Hours: Thursday - Sunday, 12-4pm.

To visit, please park in Lot 2 and walk up the pathway to the cottages.


  • The Mending Project THU AUGUST 15, 2019 11 A.M. (Project Space)
    The Mending Project Workshop

    Call for Volunteers: Help us animate the Mending Project!Montalvo is seeking volunteers to animate The Mending Project this fall. No special skills or qualifications in sewing are required—just an enjoyment in engaging in conversation with visitors. Volunteers will ...

  • The Mending Project SUN DECEMBER 8, 2019 NOON
    Closing Reception: The Mending Project

    Join us for a closing reception to celebrate The Mending Project. Visitors will be able to retrieve their mended items. 



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