Perceptual: Chris Fraser and Justin Lowman

Friday, September 26, 2014 - Sunday, February 1, 2015

VENUE: Project Space Gallery

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Perceptual features new works by Lucas Artist Fellows Chris Fraser and Justin Lowman that explore the relationship between perception, light, space, and place.

San Francisco-based Fraser creates relational environments and sculptures where viewers’ bodies interact with and transform paths of light.  Inspired by proto- photographic and cinematic experiments, such as the camera obscura, his work often explores the relationship between action, movement and visual perception. For Perceptual, Fraser has created an animated sculptural environment using a circle of lights suspended above a shallow metallic cylinder on the gallery floor. Light reflects off the cylinder’s mirrored surface to create a pool of overlapping and intertwining luminous arcs. Recalling the zoetrope, a pre-cinematic animation device, or a sundial, the light patterns shift and alter as visitors move around and peer into the vitalized metal ring.    

The light and material conditions of specific places serve as inspiration for Los Angeles-based Justin Lowman. Using electrical light and sound sources, reflective surfaces and found, constructed and painted elements, his installations and objects frequently infuse vibrant colored light into architectural settings. Lowman has produced an installation for Perceptual that he describes as a temporal multidimensional painting. Focusing on the threshold space of the gallery doorway, he uses projected and reflected light, scrim, paint and sound to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior space. Consistent with Lowman’s interest in the relationship between sensorial perception and duration, the color, timbre and texture of his environment transforms as a day progresses.

This exhibition is organized by the Lucas Artists Residency Program at the Montalvo Art Center.

  • Untitled (Belvedere Temple), by Justin Lowman Untitled (Belvedere Temple)
    By Justin Lowman

    This site conditioned architectural intervention inhabits an existing structure that forms part of Montalvo’s historic property. Responding to the original purpose of the Belvedere Temple to incorporate a specific ...


  • Sheetal Gandhi FRI SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 6 P.M. (Project Space Gallery)
    Final Friday Art Party:
    Sheetal Gandhi and Kristina Wong / Opening of "Perceptual"

    This two-part evening features presentations by acclaimed LA-based performers Kristina Wong and Sheetal Gandhi. Writer, cultural commentator and performer, Wong presents a work in process extract from her new solo performance, The Wong Street Journal, while singer, dancer, choreographer and ...
    Suggested Donation: $10
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  • Chris Fraser, THU OCTOBER 30, 2014 6 P.M. (Historic Villa)
    An Art Party

    Does what you hear or see change what you taste? Can touch and movement impact vision?Join us for an interactive and fun-filled evening with Lucas Artists Residency Program Fellows as we explore the amazing world of our senses. Participate ...
    Suggested Donation: $10
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  • Untitled (Belvedere Temple), by Justin Lowman SUN DECEMBER 14, 2014 4:30 P.M. (Park Grounds)
    Perceptual: Chris Fraser & Justin Lowman
    (Part Two)

    Join us for the premier of Chris Fraser and Justin Lowman's exciting new outdoor art works on Montalvo's grounds. Meet in front of the Project Space Gallery to begin the evening.The artists will discuss their latest works ...
    Suggested Donation: $10
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