James Gouldthorpe's Particles: A Painting in Ten Chapters

Friday, February 26, 2016 - Sunday, May 29, 2016

VENUE: Project Space Gallery

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What are those moments that truly define us and comprise the murky substance of a human life? In what sense do we persist through our lifetime? In the end, do all our accumulated experiences leave a lasting impression in the universe? Or do the trillions of particles from which we are made simply untether from the gravitational pull of the self and rejoin the cosmos?  --James Gouldthorpe

In his expansive new installation, Particles: A Painting in Ten Chapters, James Gouldthorpe explores the passage of time and the aggregation of the self over a lifetime. The artist projects forward into the future and reaches back into the past, mixing humor with melancholy as he explores birth, childhood, adolescence, middle and old age, and death, and reflects on both the poignant and absurd nature of existence.

Comprised of around two thousand individual mixed media paintings, Gouldthorpe developed Particles over a three-year period while an Irvine Fellow at the Lucas Artist Program. With this new body of work, he continues his ongoing investigation into the relationships between painting and narrative drawing on such diverse traditions as the graphic novel and realist painters’ depictions of modern American life.  

See images from this exhibition on James Gouldthorpe's website here.


  • Thien Pham, BEGINNING SUN, FEBRUARY 28 (Barn Art Studio)
    A Graphic Novel Workshop

    Learn about the history of the graphic novel and make your own comic strip based on a significant memory from your life with artist Thien Pham. Supplies will be provided ...

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  •  James Gouldthorpe, FRI FEBRUARY 26, 2016 6 P.M. (Project Space Gallery)
    Open Access
    Opening reception for James Gouldthorpe's Particles: A Painting in Ten Chapters

    Join us for the opening reception of James Gouldthorpe’s solo show, Particles: A Painting in Ten Chapters. This evening also features the first iteration of PROMPTS, an interdisciplinary performance series and audience engagement activity. LAP Fellow, poet, and essayist ...

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  • James Gouldthorpe SUN FEBRUARY 28, 2016 11 A.M. (Project Space Gallery)
    Open Access
    Drop In and Meet Project Space Artist James Gouldthorpe

    Drop in during regular gallery hours and chat with artist James Gouldthorpe about his new work, Particles: A Painting in Ten Chapters.

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  • Mary Rowell FRI MARCH 25, 2016 6 P.M. (Historic Villa)
    Open Access
    Mad Mary's Tavern

    Join us as Lucas Artist Fellow, musician, and composer Mary Rowell hosts a variety show featuring storytelling, music, and performances by Artist Fellows and creative folk from the Bay Area and beyond. Participants include:Experimental music ensemble Fox and the ...

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  • James Gouldthorpe: FRI MAY 27, 2016 6 P.M. (Project Space Gallery)
    Open Access
    Closing Reception for "Particles"

    Come join us for the closing reception of James Gouldthorpe's Particles: A Painting in Ten Chapters, on view in the Project Space Gallery May 29. You'll have the opportunity to meet and chat with James Gouldthorpe as he ...

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