The Saint Michael Trio

The Sonata Yesterday and Today: Haydn And Schoenfield

Sunday, November 17, 2013, 3PM

TICKET PRICES : $30 | Members: $27 | Students (with id): $15
Series Subscription (all four shows): $100 | Members: $90

VENUE: Historic Villa

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“The Saint Michael Trio has a passion for divulging interesting details to the audience, using sports metaphors, humor … whatever else helps people understand.”   The Palo Alto Weekly

Both Haydn And Schoenfield are highly formal in their structure, employing the sonata form. Both present their ideas in three movements, following an arc that goes from spritely to introspective to exuberant. And yet Haydn was writing at the dawn of Europe’s classical period and embodying the formalism of the new Enlightenment (1756), while Detroit’s Paul Schoenfield is expressing the whimsy and energy of the 21st century urban metropolis. The Saint Michael Trio will show how two utterly different composers use the same tools to express the sentiment of their age.

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