Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 6PM - 7:30PM

VENUE: Online

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Andrew Macilvaine, "Flotador"

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Within the arts, the concept of identity has been an important narrative for artists to examine and create artwork that communicates the different aspects of their personal self. Through this investigation, it presents opportunities for others to speak and share their authentic truth.

In this INFORMal ENGAGEment, artist and educator Andrew Mcilvaine will examine the importance of identity within their artistic and teaching practice, looking closely at the relationships between personal and cultural memory, trauma, and self-reflection. What does learning about identity look like? How can arts education leverage this theme to enhance students’ skills, experience, and well-being? How can voices and identities be supported within a classroom to public spaces? Together, we will explore how to authentically speak about oneself in a way that can lead us toward a stronger sense of community and solidarity.