Open Access

Life Beyond Earth (Part 1)

Dario Robleto in conversation with Jamie Drew

Friday, February 16, 2018, 7PM

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VENUE: Lucas Artists Program Commons

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This event is presented as part of Montalvo Arts Center’s program series, Open Access—your opportunity to connect with Artists Fellows and Guest Artists at the Lucas Artists Program. This program is designed to offer audiences a behind the scenes view into how artists generate ideas, as well as showcase works in process and fully realized new work. Open Access offerings include conversations, performances, screenings, and culinary events. It also has a virtual presence as an online blog and archive. Find out more at

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Are we alone in the universe? Where does life flourish? If we could communicate with another civilization on another planet what would we say? 

Join Dario Robleto and Jamie Drew as they discuss their participation in Breakthrough Initiatives, an international ten year program of scientific and technological exploration, probing the big questions about life in the universe. Robleto is part of a team heading up Breakthrough Message, a program designed to generate a public conversation about how and what to communicate with possible intelligent beings beyond earth. The initiative will fund an international competition to generate messages representing humanity and planet Earth, which might one day be sent to other civilizations. Jamie Drew is Breakthrough Initiatives Chief of Staff and Program Director and oversees various aspects of the program, including Breakthrough Starshot, a $100 million research and engineering program aiming to demonstrate proof of concept for a new technology, enabling ultra-light unmanned space flight at 20% of the speed of light; and to lay the foundations for a flyby mission to Alpha Centauri within a generation.

In addition, Lucas Artists Fellow Agustina Woodgate and Guest Artists Sebastian Bellver and Stephanie Sherman present their ongoing nomadic, multilingual, online, event-based, radio broadcast project focused on human and machine mobility, They will discuss an upcoming 24-hr broadcast exploring self-driving vehicle technology and other automated mobilities while on the move, commissioned by Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center.


Life Beyond Earth is a two-part program that explores groundbreaking initiatives in which artists and scientists are being brought together to share ideas and explore central questions about life in the universe. Part two on April 27 brings together composer Felipe Perez Santiago and visual artist Jen Bervin to discuss the SETI Institute’s Artists in Residency Program.