An Art Party

Thursday, October 30, 2014, 6PM - 8:30PM

TICKET PRICES : $10 Suggested Donation

VENUE: Historic Villa

Service fees may apply and are non-refundable.
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RELATED EXHIBITION: Perceptual: Chris Fraser and Justin Lowman

Chris Fraser, "DMH = Developing a Mutable Horizon," Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 2011.
Image courtesy of the artist.

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Does what you hear or see change what you taste? Can touch and movement impact vision?

Join us for an interactive and fun-filled evening with Lucas Artists Residency Program Fellows as we explore the amazing world of our senses. Participate in series of hands-on experiments at our “sensory stations” and investigate how our senses work together to interpret the outer world. Take a walk around the grounds and consider how sight, movement and listening are interconnected. Experience a sound and dance performance based on the results of the sensory station experiments. Listen to how poetry can be used to describe the sensory experience of light, seascapes, and landscapes. Participate in a magic lantern show in the Carriage House Theatre. View our latest exhibition in the Project Space Gallery and meet the artists. 

Participating artists include Viv Corringham, Garrett Hongo, Chris Fraser, Sandra Gomez, Justin Lowman, and Andres Solis.

This event includes a cash bar and food is available for purchase. It is programmed in association with Montalvo's latest exhibition in the Project Space Gallery, Perceptual: Chris Fraser and Justin Lowman and is organized by the Lucas Artists Program at Montalvo Arts Center.