Live Music Dance Party

Merengue, Salsa, and Cumbia

with Orquesta Latin Heat

Thursday, June 13, 2019, 6:30PM

Merengue & Salsa Lesson (6:30–7:30pm) + Concert: $30 [SOLD OUT]
Merengue & Cumbia Lesson (6:30–7:30pm) + Concert: $30 [SOLD OUT]
Concert Only (7:30–9pm): $15

VENUE: Charmaine's Garden Terrace

Service fees may apply and are non-refundable.
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Salsa Dancing
Photo: Bahara Emami
Orquestra Latin Heat


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Join us on our beautiful Garden Terrace for a summer evening of live music and dancing! 

Dust off your dancing skills at 6:30pm in one of our two dance classes, where you’ll learn and review basic footwork and fundamentals of Merengue along with either Salsa or Cumbia. After the class, put your experience to practice as the San Jose-based band Orquesta Latin Heat takes us into the night with their swinging horn section, vocals, and authentic Latin percussion. 

Come to listen or to learn—or both! It’s sure to be an exceptional night of music and dance at Montalvo.


Orquesta Latin Heat brings you dynamic Latin dance music with soaring melodies and danceable rhythms. This group of seasoned Bay Area musicians was formed in 2012 to share their passion of performing exciting music from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Latin America and New York. They perform salsa classics guaranteed to keep you dancing!


Merengue: A style of Dominican dance that follows a simple side-to-side step and hip motion, making it easy for partners to stay in sync with each other. Even during fast songs, turns are kept slow and gracefully deliberate in order to complete a full four count. While the basic step is simple, advanced students can add circling, separate turns, twists and various hand holds to enhance complexity.

Salsa: While different regions have their own take on Salsa, it originally started in Cuba. It is an expressive, fun dance that involves a still upper body, weight shifts, hip motions, and arm and shoulder movements. The basic rhythm consists of taking three steps for every four beats of music, creating syncopation and making it so that it takes 8 beats of music to loop back to a new sequence of steps.

Cumbia: A dynamic Colombian dance style with deep origins in 17th century courtship dances. It is sometimes referred to as the “mother” of Latin music in that it predates Salsa and Samba. Cumbia as music comes from a mix of West African drum rhythms, Indigenous flute music, and European melody variations. Cumbia as a dance is characterized by a "wind-up" motion and it is often danced in a circular pattern where each pair moves to the center in turns. 

ABOUT RUBY RUMBERA (Merengue & Salsa Instructor):

Ruby Rumbera has been dancing salsa since 1999, and has danced with salsa teams such as Montuno Dance Company, PB&G, RicaSalsa, Mantanceros, RumbaRumberos, and Mambo Elite. Ruby has taught all over the Bay Area over the years, including Alberto's Nightclub, Miami's, Agenda Lounge, Aura Lounge, Allegros, and Caribbean Gardens.

ABOUT KEITH COWANS (Merengue & Cumbia Instructor):

Keith makes learning Merengue and Cumbia intriguing, and can help students polish up their moves from the beginning level to advanced dancers. He currently performs with the renowned dance troupe Tandy Beale and Company in the Santa Cruz County area. He also teaches Latin Dance in afterschool programs in Watsonville throughout the Pajaro Valley Unified School District.