Final Fridays: Ruth Boerefijn & Bia Gayotto

Friday, October 26, 2012, 6PM

VENUE: Historic Villa

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Place is the primary creative reference point through which Oakland based artist, Ruth Boerefijin, senses, synthesizes, and then creates her artwork. For Bia Gayotto, a Brazilian-American artist and educator currently living in Los Angeles, her interest lies in producing works that investigate the relationship between movement, cultural identity and global interconnectivity, raising questions of translation and representation through multiple interpretations of a single theme. Together these artists will discuss their individual art practice and creative process, as well as  new works they have generated as part of the final centennial exhibition for Montalvo, which explores narratives of people and place. 

Join the artists in the Project Space Gallery after their presentation for an opening reception of their new exhibition, In and Out of Place.