Feast of the Idea

Culinary Fellow Niki Ford, in conversation

Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 7PM

TICKET PRICES : Suggested Donation: $10. RSVP through the Box Office at 408-961-5858 10am-4pm M-F.

VENUE: Carriage House Theatre

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Niki Ford
Kelsie Kerr
Margit Galanter
Wapke Feenstra
Melanie Bandera-Hess
Delmar McComb
Photo: Karen T. Borchers/Mercury News

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What can we say about the places that creativity and sustainability intersect? and What do we gain when we develop an attitude of curiosity about our own bodies and the health of the environment?

As a culmination of her year-long Fellowship, Culinary Fellow Niki Ford will host a panel discussion with five other multi-disciplinary practitioners of the arts who address issues of landscape, agriculture, education, food and the body in their work. This passionate conversation will explore how our internal and external environments relate to our sense of wellness.

Panelists include Kelsie Kerr, contributing author of The Art of Simple Food and former Chez Panisse Chef; Margit Galanter, movement artist and practitioner of Qi Gong, Feldenkrais and Accupressure; Wapke Feenstra, conceptual artist working with the rural as a space for and of cultural production; Delmar McComb, Montalvo Garden Curator, vocalist and biodynamic farmer; and Melanie Bandera-Hess, actress and Residential Psychotherapy Intern with The Body Positive.  There will also be a short reading by Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Sally Ashton.   

Panelist bios:

Margit Galanter is a movement investigator and dance poet living in Oakland, CA. Her practice, Physical Intelligence, encompasses her unique research perspective, helping people experience the innateclarity and vitality one can uncover through the potency of movement. Margit is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm, acupressurist, qigong practitioner, and movement artist, and holds Master’s Degree in Movement Research and Practice from NYU. Her fascination regarding the construction and value of movement has drawn her to collaborative embodied research for decades, spanning the realms of teaching, curating, writing, dramaturgy, producing, performing, and forging practices which are outside the box.

Kelsie Kerr is a passionate chef and teacher dedicated to cooking seasonal, local food and establishing connections with small farms and artisanal producers. She has worked in many top Bay Area restaurants including stints as Chef at Chez Panisse Restaurant and Café Rouge. As a teacher she established the Cooking School at Cavallo Point in Marin and Kelsie’s Kitchen in San Francisco. Kelsie has collaborated on many Chez Panisse cookbooks including The Art of Simple Food and is currently writing The Art of Simple Food II to be released in May 2013.

Delmar McComb is a horticulturist, designer and biodynamic farmer.  He has worked professionally in a wide variety of garden situations.  Currently the Garden Curator at Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, he is working to refurbish the century old gardens.  Prior to Montalvo, he was head gardener for 20 years at a estate in Woodside where he oversaw the development of orchards, a potager, two tropical conservatories, collections of plants from around the world and a large scale biodynamic composting operation.  Concurrent to his estate work, he owned and operated Checkerspot Nursery, a specialty wholesale grower of perennials and shrubs.  Also an operatic tenor, Delmar has performed many roles and concerts both here and abroad.

Wapke Feenstra is an artist who derives her inspiration by tapping into local knowledge. Her projects include Former Farmland (Ars Electronica, Linz 2008 and Oldenburg 2009), which explores how memories on a two-dimensional photographic screen can redefine and question the sites we encounter. Her Moving Landscape project, which ran from 2009 till 2011 in Genk (Belgium) and the surroundings, was a visual roam through land use and primary industries. Feenstra intervenes in an existing visual experiential ecology, in an existing landscape (usually rural, but not always), in order to coax the locals and visitors into providing new or current readings of that landscape.

Melanie Bandera-Hess, M.A. MFT Intern Melanie is Registered MFT Intern, actor, and consultant working with the groundbreaking non profit The Body Positive. Melanie is in private practice in Marin county where she works with individuals, adolescents, couples and families and specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. Melanie is supervised in her clinical work by Public Health Hero and co founder of the Body positive Elizabeth Scott LCSW.