Youth Action Coalition with Adobe Youth Voices

Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 4PM - 7PM

VENUE: Downtown San Jose

SEE FULL SCHEDULE: Youth Action Coalition with Adobe Youth Voices

Investigating & Designing Urban Spaces

Montalvo's Youth Action Coalition with Adobe Youth Voices is made up of motivated tenth and eleventh graders who are creative thinkers, feel passionate about the arts and contemporary social issues, and enjoy working with their peers from a diversity of backgrounds. Coalition members:

  • Meet leaders within the field of urban planning and city design as part of an investigative journey into the future of San José.

  • Develop skills in digital design, including digital photography, web design, videography & innovative urban mapping.

  • Collaborate with world-class artists, architects, designers and other teens to engage in an arts-based exploration of urban design for the next generation.

  • Receive a scholarship to Montalvo’s week-long Summer Institute with artists-in-residence to curate a multi-media installation proposing a vision of urban design that engages arts-based community dialogue among the next generation.  (June 16-20)

The Youth Action Coalition meets weekly, April through June, at the Cesar Chavez Community Action Center on the San Jose State University campus, with weekend intensives at Montalvo Arts Center.

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