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Annual Integrated Learning Conference:

Arts In Your Classroom

A Catalyst for Collective Wellness

Saturday, March 2, 2019, 8:30AM - 4PM

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VENUE: Historic Villa

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Arts In Your Classroom
Photo: Bahara Emami
Carlos Aguirre
Jeff Goelitz
Marquis Engle
Cherie Hill
Photo: Paul Zinnes
Lacey Morris


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Now in its 17th year, Montalvo’s Arts in Your Classroom conference is an engaging symposium exploring current topics related to integrated learning. Intended for artists, educators, administrators, and members of the community interested in better understanding where arts and creative practice can enhance their professional and/or personal development. Featuring an inspiring keynote presentation, participatory workshops, and dynamic performances, this day will enrich and revitalize your perspective, giving you concrete methods to apply to your field.  In recent years, participants have looked at artistic practice as a vehicle for community engagement and activism (2017: Art as Activism) and then as a means of bringing communities together in breaking down perceptions and divides (2018: Bridging the Gap: Transforming Perceptions of Division).

For its 2019 convening, our conference’s theme will focus on how the arts can be A Catalyst for Collective Wellness. Through the lens of different creative practices and pedagogical techniques, we will examine the concept of radical healing, wellness of self and community, overcoming individual and collective trauma, and cultivation of shared well-being and thriving communities. 


  • 9-10:20am - Plenary session 
  • 10:25-12:25pm - Workshop 1
  • 12:30-1:25pm - Lunch 
  • 1:30-3:30pm - Workshop 2
  • 3:30-4:00pm - Closing Reception

Plenary Session

In our opening plenary session, we will focus on the interplay of art and heart practices:

  • Artist Marquis Engle will open with a musical performance, followed by his personal story of navigating through alienation and illness to find purpose and transformation within arts and arts education practices.
  • Education Specialist Jeff Goelitz of the HeartMath Institute will discuss the heart as a multi-faceted organ, and scientifically demonstrate techniques we all can use to achieve psychophysiological coherence—or a mindful state of increased order and harmony in mental, emotional, and bodily processes.
  • Artist Cherie Hill will close with a discussion of her newest dance piece Détente, examining how she has found purpose and strength in a time of personal crisis not only through her artistic practice, but through community service.

Weaving together these three unique perspectives, our overarching message will demonstrate creative and practical approaches to care, for both self and others. Our hope is that this will provide us both strength and peace throughout our day together, as well as find integration into our individual practices to sustainably engage the cultivation of shared well-being across our communities.

Workshop Sessions:

Measure, Cut, and Sew: Telling Your Story Through Textile Art

Come explore the craft of personal storytelling through the metaphor of the three steps of quilt construction: Measure, Cut, and Sew. This hands-on workshop will teach the fundamental principles of non-machine sewing, textile arts, and demonstrate how to take our stories from the cutting floor to the sewing table—both literally and figuratively—as we assemble personal narratives that can transform our individual and collective perceptions. In the process, we will see that by honoring our past, we can shape our present and conquer our future.
Presenter: Marquis Engle

Dance, Race, and Equity: Moving Towards Change

Experience how to begin or expand efforts to bring conversations and awareness about race and equity to the forefront of your practice. As you engage in relationship-based creative dance, you will learn how Luna Dance Institute’s MPACT (Moving Parents and Children Together) family dance program utilizes the art of dance to strengthen families and build community. In the process, we will shed light on the white supremacy inherent in certain cultural norms and reveal the ways they affect organizations, educators, artists, and students. By sharing our stories and changing our perspectives, we can begin to transform oppressive patterns.
Presenter: Cherie Hill

Release and Rejuvenation through the Arts

We all experience stress and distractions that negatively impact our communications and impede our ability to travel down our chosen path. Is there a way we can put these obstacles aside in order to be more effective communicators and fulfill our passions? We can, if we use the creative arts to get into a flow state—and this workshop will show you how! Once in a flow state a person brings themselves in the present moment and is able to communicate with others and themselves at a much deeper level, which facilitates the resolution of personal and community traumas. With these resolutions, a return to health and rejuvenation is possible.
Presenter: Lacey Morris

Roots and Empathy through Rap, Poetry,  and Beatbox

How do we safely explore identity, trauma, and empathy in the classroom in a way that engages young students’ health and encourages productive vulnerability? 

Creative writing and the performance process can be powerful vehicles for students of all ages to access the productive vulnerability needed to promote both radical healing and social justice within our communities. In this workshop, you will craft your story in a supportive environment, express your truth, and arrive at a better understanding of others. Participants will be prompted to create short writing/performance pieces that will be based off beatbox, rap and poetry exercises. These will then be shared and unpacked throughout for deeper understanding of the creative process. Watch a video of instructor Carlos Aguirre's Rap/Opera Project on KQED Arts.
Presenter: Carlos Aguirre