Annual Integrated Learning Conference:

Arts In Your Classroom

Bridging the Gap: Transforming Perceptions of Division

Saturday, March 3, 2018, 9AM - 4PM


VENUE: Historic Villa

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Photo: Bahara Emami
Jennifer Johns
Photo: Stefanie Sylvester
Jeff Chang


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Montalvo Arts Center, in partnership with Santa Clara County Artspiration, San Jose State University, and the Arts Council Santa Cruz County, is proud to announce its annual conference for artists, educators, administrators, and members of the community interested in better understanding where arts and creative practice can enhance their professional and/or personal development. At this year's event, we will explore how the arts can help build tangible connections and cultivate empathy in an increasingly disparate and divisive world. Specific workshop topics engage with questions relating to the dualities of self/other, teacher/student, school/community, art/academics, technology/analog, and more.

Our 2018 keynote speaker will be Jeff Chang, Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity in the Arts at Stanford University and the author of the award-winning books Can't Stop Won't Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop GenerationWho We Be: A Cultural History of Race in Post-Civil Rights America, and We Gon' Be Alright: Notes on Race and Resegregation.

Poet Venus Jones will perform to open the event, and Lucas Artists Fellow Jennifer Johns will perform at the closing reception.

Workshop Sessions:

The Identity of Their Worlds – Incorporating the Voice of Your Community

School / Community: How do we bring the community into the classroom or extend the borders of classroom walls? Are we being culturally and real-world relevant in our curriculum?

Participants will learn to locate and leverage resources in the community to bring the classroom out into the world and the world into the classroom, so as to create a humanity-centered environment grounded in the arts.
Presenter: Patrice Milillo
Discipline: Multi-disciplinary

What Separates Us Keeps Us Fragile – A Solidarity Workshop

Self / Other: How can we foster empathetic relations and self-aware social-emotional development in a culturally relevant way?

Participants will make meaning on the theme of allyship as it relates to solidarity in this experiential workshop. Through a series of art-centered activities, participants will engage with texts and group/individual reflection on how they can enact and support action beyond empathy.  Suggested pre-reading: “Learning from the 60s” by Audre Lorde & for anyone identifying as white: “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo.
Presenter: Derek Fenner
Discipline: Visual Art, Literature

Exquisite Knowing – Catalyzing Conscious Democratic Participation in Classrooms and Communities

Teacher / Learner: Who is the teacher and who is the learner? How do we approach this dynamic, and how can we re-frame it? Where can pedagogy become democratic and accommodate different ways of learning?

This workshop will illustrate and manifest the Exquisite Knowing™ model’s potential to bridge a spectrum of constituencies and learners, catalyze innovative community solution, and empower participants for dynamic, ongoing engagement. By illuminating diverse perspectives and creating networks of trust, shared vocabularies and skills will emerge to empower participants to tackle burning questions and issues relevant to their communities.
Presenter: Ashley David
Discipline: Literature

The Analog to Digital Experience

Technology / Analog: How do we find balance between technological and analog applications? How does one practice feed into the other -- and vice-versa?

This interactive workshop will explore music production, composition, and arrangement using both analog and digital tools. Learn the history and the power of “The Cypher” by creating inside of it, using motions and sounds composed with just the body. Explore how this concept is used digitally with music production software “BeatMaker 2” on the iPad, and publish your new music to the internet where it can be accessed worldwide on any smartphone or computer.
Presenter: Y?
Discipline: Music/Hip-hop

Ways of Knowing – What the Arts Teach About Thinking and Learning

Art / Academics: Can the analytic be creative? Can the artistic be academic? How do we enhance the complimentary nature of these two mindsets and dispositions?

The goal of this session is to gain new perspectives on the role the arts can play in academic learning, and how the arts foster equity and access to learning for all students. Hands-on, integrated learning activities will connect visual art, literacy, and the natural and social sciences, and participants will explore the creative process as a dynamic form of inquiry for classroom learning, connecting the analytical and problem-solving processes essential to across content areas.
Presenter: Susan Freeman
Discipline: Visual Art, Literature