Connected (2010) by Misako Inaoka
Connected (2010) by Misako Inaoka

"Sustainability is at the forefront of current thinking, be it the environment, food production, climate change, our economic health and well-being, or the very survival of our cultural institutions. This is a time to examine our priorities as we make decisions about consumption and what is required for sustainability: from our possessions to our entertainment, how do we want to spend our time and what do we need in our daily life? This is a time for redefining success, reinterpreting value, and rethinking expectations. The challenge today is to create environments that provide the time and space to inspire, to recalibrate, and to engage in the world differently than was prescribed in the past. This is a time to reprioritiez the use of our natural spaces and re-imagine the role of our cultural centers, as both are critical to defining our future."

— Kelly Sicat,
    Director of Programs

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Natural and Creative Capital, Montalvo Arts Center's 2010-2011 multidisciplinary thematic arts program, explores concepts of sustainability in our natural and cultural environments. This eighteen-month program features visual and performing arts coupled with public programs and literary arts programs that invite audiences of all ages to take the time to contemplate a sustainable future.

Visual Arts examine renewed thinking by artists about the sue of cast-off materials, new works that reflect the many wonders of the natural world, the possibilities of a sustainable future, and works that capture the callenges facing our planet. New Directions challenges and ignites passion for change, and features new works of dance and music that both inspires and engages. Educational Programs encourage exploration and engagement with the natural environment - particularly the 175 acres that comprise Montalvo's extraordinary grounds and rustic hiking trails.

Through Natural and Creative Capital, it is Montalvo's hope that visitors will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the importance of place, and the importance of a vital cultural life in a community. We hope our audiences will be inspired to consider the natural and cultural resources available as options and opportunities to creating a sustainable life. Through this programming, Montalvo Arts Center will continue to assert its cultural leadership and fortify its position as a valuable asset that contributes to the vitality of Silicon Valley in the 21st century.