Montalvo Summer Nights

ARTpocalypse Now!

July 18, 2017

VENUE: Creekside Studios


ARTpocalypse Now!
Photo: David Bailey / <a href="">Creative Commons</a>

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This evening of creative and collaborative problem-solving puts participants in a post-apocalyptic world: 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has surpassed its human creators across Silicon Valley, and Montalvo's 175-acre estate is one of the last human strongholds. To escape the threat, you'll have to eschew technology altogether (watch out for rogue drones!) and form teams to take on various design challenges that put your survival skills and creativity to the test. Move through stations across the grounds, using your ingenuity to address different survival scenarios: can you create shelter? Find food? How will you contact other survivors? 

We promise this evening will be fun and full of surprises. Come as a group or by yourself -- either way, you'll make some new friends as you navigate these fun and challenging exercises on a beautiful Montalvo evening. 

This workshop takes place outside, so bring a warm layer in case the weather cools. Dress to move! We also suggest close-toed shoes.

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