Contemporary Floral Design

Leaf Manipulation

February 12, 2017

VENUE: Historic Villa

REGISTRATION: $75. Includes a vase and flower materials.

Floral Design: Leaf Manipulation
Image courtesy <a href="">Flower Shop Network</a>

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Learn about floral arrangement in a series that uses the principles of ikebana to refine and extend classical European traditions. In a relaxed and fun environment, you will be guided through various design techniques, approaching the art form much like a painter does a painting: creating highlights, depth, and adding visual interest by varying sizes, shapes, and colors. In this class, participants will focus on leaf manipulation: how to fold, twirl, twist, and bend them to create beauty and volume. There is a lot you can do with leaves!

Courses are taught by instructors Mickie Anderson and Diane Graham. Classes are not sequential and may be taken independently. All skill levels are welcome! Enrollment fee includes all flowers, a vase, and structural materials as needed. Participants are asked to bring clippers, an apron, a towel, something to take notes on, and a stapler (bring two if you have both a large and a small one).

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