Recycled Toy Chest

Professional Development Workshop for Educators

November 18, 2015

VENUE: Barn Art Studio


Educators work on creative activities at a professional development workshop
Photo: Michele Guieu

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Participants will gain an introduction to the design thinking framework. The design thinking methodology cultivates 21st century learning communities by encouraging and supporting risk-taking, empathy and creative problem-solving. This methodology invites teachers and students to identify complex challenges and create solutions that can impact the world beyond their classroom walls. Participants will gain an introduction to the empowering design thinking methodology and a lesson plan that they can take back to their classrooms. In this workshop participants will utilize discarded materials to make toys while delving deeply into problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, adaptability, communication, and real world scenarios. 

Established out of the Engineering and Design NGSS standards, this workshop is most applicable to 4th and 5th grades.  

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