Hand-built Pottery

October 3, 2013 - October 24, 2013

VENUE: Creekside Studios

REGISTRATION: Adults & kids ages 10 & up: $120 | Children ages 5-9: $60 (Must be accompanied by an adult registered for class)<br>Members: Ages 10 & up: $110 | Ages 5-9: $50.<br>$30/person Materials Package includes 25 lbs clay, glaze, and firing.

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Pinch, coil, and slap pots are both ancient and contemporary pottery vessels formed by hand. Join us to explore these forms, their construction, and how creative the medium can be. These pieces will be finished with traditional glass-based glazes as well as raku. The raku process fires clay to a very hot temperature and then it is removed and placed on a bed of combustible materials where the smoke makes unpredictable and extraordinary color effects.

For Ages 5-105!.