Mindful Ikebana

The Peaceful Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement

September 27, 2015

VENUE: Historic Villa


An Ikebana arrangement
Photo courtesy Yuko Tiernan

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Bring your consciousness into the moment as we see, touch, smell, and listen to the beauty of flowers! A centuries-old art form, Ikebana calms the spirit, focuses the mind, and teaches the eye to identify the beauty in the myriad details of the natural world. Each participant will learn some of the foundational practices and philosophies of Ikebana and create a simple arrangement to take home, all in the restorative setting of Montalvo’s historic Villa. 

Beginners will learn the fundamentals of Ikebana; those who have participated in previous Ikebana classes will build new skills through entirely new designs inspired by fall foliage and the transitioning seasons. 

Fee includes a Kenzan (pin frog), a plastic vase, and flower materials, but please feel free to bring your favorite vase and/or Kenzan if you have one.

Participants, please bring the following materials to class:

  • Ikebana scissors or garden scissors
  • A plastic bowl of 5”-10” diameter (such as a small salad bowl or tupperware container) to cut flower stems
  • A camera

For ages 12 & up.

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