Afro Pop Dance

May 20, 2019

VENUE: Historic Villa


About the instructor, Philip Amo Agyapong:

Philip Amo Agyapong is a dance teacher and researcher from Ghana currently living in California, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance and Theatre Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from the University of Ghana. He has attained an award for his dedication as a choreographer and producer of a kids reality show on TV Africa – Ghana. Currently, he teaches African Traditional and Popular dance forms at the University of San Francisco, Mills College, and the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts.

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Ghanaian popular dance is a contemporary dance genre that explores the aesthetic elements in the freestyle or street dances generated with hiplife music, mainly as a form of self-expression. Examples of Ghanaian and other African popular dances will be discussed, such as Azonto and Akayda (Ghana), Shorkie and Shaku Shaku (Nigeria), Gweta (Togo), Gwaragwara (South Africa), and more. 

Students in this workshop will warm up with traditional Ghanaian games to create a sense of community, break inhibitions, and enhance enthusiasm. Next, they will receive instruction both in the cultural impact of these dance styles as well as specific choreography they can practice.

Note: No wine or refreshments will be offered at dance classes. Please make arrangements to eat before or after the class.

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