Begun in January of 2000 in Portland, Oregon, Red76 is the moniker for collaboratively based projects conceived, most often, by Sam Gould, and fleshed out by a group of like minded folks usually consisting, but not limited to; Khris Soden, Zefrey Throwell, Paige Saez, Colin Beattie, Jen Rhoads, Laura Baldwin, and many others.

Red76 has initiated projects, large and small, that have been realized in Portland, North American, and Internationally. The guiding constructs thread between many of these initiatives being the facilitation of discussion, thought and action within public space, as well as the examination of what that space can be, and where that space may reside at any given time.

The wish to charge space and create an atmosphere wherein the public may become highly aware of their immediate surroundings, and their day to day activities, is an often recurring element within many of the groups activities.