Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas

Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas were born in Lithuania. They were both educated at Vilnius Art Academy and continue to make Vilnius their main base, spending some working time in Stuttgart.  They have been working together since 1997. In 1993, together with others, they established the JUTEMPUS exhibition space in Vilnius. Lithuania’s first artist-initiated space, it functioned until 1996 as a site for exhibitions and cultural events. Since then, the Jutempus projects have worked to create a framework and serve as a communications base with the intention of transcending the boundaries of traditional art spaces and seeking out the media linked to society.

Nomeda and Gediminas’ work approach embraces a flexible array of disciplines, building frameworks for old and new media practices. They are committed to studying the transformation of Lithuanian society following the 1989 revolution through projects such as tvvv.plotas and Transaction, a project launched in 200 which investigates questions of identity, gender, and media in post-socialist culture.   The project has been developed and showcased through sessions at Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart 2000, IASPIS Stockholm 2001, Ludwig Museum Budapest 2002, Sprengels Museum Hannover, 2002, Manifesta 4, Frankfurt.

Nomeda and Gediminas have been awarded a number of high level grants and awards for their work.