Missoula Children's Theatre

Website: http://www.mctinc.org/

From world-wide tours to eclectic local activities and camps for kids and adults, MCT’s programs develop life skills in children through participation in the performing arts.

Missoula Children's Theatre was co-founded in 1970 by Jim Caron and Don Collins, CEO and Senior Development Officer respectively.  Jim and executive director Michael McGill supervise the intense training period for the “tour teams” and have created the fifteen original musicals that are currently touring with 47 teams of MCT Tour Actor/Directors – including the two who will visit Montalvo this summer.

We are proud to say that, in this year alone, more than 65,000 young people will participate as performers in the Missoula Children's Theatre International Tour Project . Nearly 1,300 communities in all 50 states, 3 Canadian territories and 5 provinces and 16 countries will be visited – communities from Darby, Montana to Daegu, Korea.

Did you know that a documentary film was made about the Missoula Children’s Theatre International Tour?  Limited release DVDs are now available for purchase - just ask your visiting MCT Team!