Fieldworks Collaborative (Trena Noval and Ann Wettrich)


The Fieldworks Collaborative was founded in 2013 by Ann Wettrich and Trena Noval, to invent new approaches to pedagogical inquiry that are inclusive, interdisciplinary, multidimensional and informed by place. Our working methods are inspired by arts-based research practices and relational actions that occupy the public realm, interrupt traditional education structures, and invite collaborative constructions of knowledge.  

During our residency, we will use Montalvo as a research laboratory to create the first in a series of Pop-Up Academies. Reflecting on the theme of change, this project will engage participants in creative inquiry via provocations, exploratory walks, dialogues, social media exchanges, art making and mapping strategies, resulting in an accretive installation that builds over time. The public, residency artists and staff are invited into the process as collaborative participants.  Montalvo’s gardens, hiking trails, architecture, history and programming offer a focal point for interdisciplinary explorations.  Participants will generate new questions that will inform the project while generating meaningful personal exchanges and connections.

Key questions currently under investigation include: How can we re-purpose public and private space to engage laterally diverse and open communities of learning? What are effective strategies for bridging art/life, artist/audience, inter-generational, economic and cultural divides? How can we mine curiosity, imagination and the creative force to challenge assumptions, reshape thinking and make discoveries that advance meaning-making, well-being and generative change? 

Stay tuned for participatory events, updates, website and the forthcoming archive at Montalvo as a public reserve for participant contributions and other research.