Website: http://bulbo.tv/

bulbo (Tijuana, Mexico, 2002) explores the possibilities of exchange and collaboration while employing broadcast media to constructive ends. Each of the collective's projects enables people, who in their daily lives do not pursue an art practice, to participate in a creative process and helps nurture other ways of understanding our context. Bulbo intervenes in media with bulbo TV (throughout Mexico); bulbo press (magazine); disco bulbo (record label); and bulbo broadcast web streams at www.bulbo.tv. Other bulbo projects include Tianguis de DiseƱo, Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso (Mexico City, Mexico, 2007) and La Tienda de Ropa, inSite_05 (Tijuana-San Diego, Mexico/US, 2005). Bulbo have also participated in group exhibitions, such as Tijuana Organic, Cornerhouse (Manchester, UK, 2006); IV Bienal de Estandartes, CECUT (Tijuana, Mexico, 2006); Strange New World, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego (San Diego, US, 2006) and Santa Monica Museum of Art (Santa Monica, US, 2007); and Tijuana Sessions, ARCO (Madrid, Spain, 2005).

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