Liesbeth Bik and Jos van der Pol have worked collectively since 1995 as Bikvanderpol. They realized developing the appropriate media works collectively through broadening notions of interaction and collaboration. Their work engages with revitalization of memory in the present and with questions of knowledge and history, thus creating a necessary potential for dialogue and an ever reforming discourse through which they develop an understanding of situations that surround us. Their projects engage with functionality, usability and site sensitivity, and are concerned with interaction at an institutional and intimate, local level. They aim to improve situations, add what is missing, highlight what is in the dark and to open rather than close. Their working method is based on co-operation and they use this as a platform for various kinds of communicative activities.

Circulation of knowledge and the re-use of existing and left-over spaces, forms and situations are important strategic tools in the work of Bik van der Pol. Notions of detachment, displacement, reconstruction and copy allow something to outgrow its original roots, boundaries or limitations, and can be mobilized as instruments to enclose a collection or intellectual domain to critically explore its potential.